Raynia’s Old World

Raynia: Old World
The Old World


So, when I was a kid, I read The Hobbit. Immediately after I finished the book I began to imagine my own fantasy world, Raynia. This is part of that world, known as The Old World. There are several nations and city states that populate these two continents, and I thought I would do some articles about them here, as well as some of the more important people that live here.

Years after I began to image this world and populate it in my mind, I used it as a basis for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that lasted almost 5 years. The friends I have who played in that game still talk about it and their respective characters almost every time I see them.

I am also writing stories that happen in this world, some of which I will post here in their entirety, others only as excerpts.  I’ll be tagging these posts with #raynia or #raynianhistory, so they’ll be easy to find, and easy to ignore. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I have over the years.